The Seeders

The Seeders is a must-read book that is full of shock and awe moments that awakens the reader to the true extent of our suppressed history and the incredible future that lies before us as a fully liberated species destined to take our rightful place in the galactic community -Michael Salla, Ph.D.

This looks like a book, but in truth it’s an historical document. It takes Humanity on an incredible journey from the beginning of advanced soul groups wondering the universe looking for a cause to the liberation and acknowledging of a Humanity blessed and suppressed throughout the ages. It will be difficult to put this book down.
-Alex Collier, Andromedan Contactee.

Extraterrestrial Contactee, Archaeologist, Druid, Shaman and Best-Selling Author Elena Danaan takes us on a journey to meet the Intergalactic Confederation, the legendary Pa-Taal and the mysterious Nine, throughout an epic quest for the true history of humans of Terra.

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