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The world is a wild place.  Why go into a store and subject yourself to a number of risks and dangers, including but not limited to catching a cold – when you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own home!  Things like Amazon Prime now make online shopping very easy.  Even without prime, you can get free shipping with a minimum cart size (usually $45).  Amazingly, they’ll ship anything from toilet paper to batteries.  There’s another consideration; price.  It’s possible online to quickly price check, and sometimes even exploit coupons, discounts, and other offers easier.

The downside is the upside

The downside is that, of course, you can’t touch and feel things.  So for things like shoes, meat, vegetables, and other things that might not fit, become spoiled, or need to be inspected on site – this can be an issue.  However, there are also great experiences for people who shop online with zappos for example, that has a hassle free return size policy, you just hand it back to the delivery driver next day – no charge.  Amazon has services that now deliver local grocery products.

But in any case, products such as coffee, water, or anything in a box or can, can be ordered online usually for a cheaper price, and free shipping.  When considering going to the store, don’t forget to add up your time spent, gasoline, and other variables related to your trip.  If you have kids, you know that shopping can be difficult.  Also, Amazon has things like subscribe & save, where they’ll send you your favorite frap monthly at a 15% discount.  There’s lots of places to shop online, here at Please Order It, we’re a partner with more than 10 online wholesale vendors.  But we’re huge fans of Amazon, because – Amazon really is the 800 lb. Guerilla of online shopping.  Amazon makes Wal Mart look like a small local mom and pop store.  It’s possible on Amazon to buy a $100,000 computer server, as well as toys for your kids.  Having a Prime account for your family or business just makes sense.  We offer here at Please Order It free Prime trials for you, and special discounts for Amazon that are specific to partners.

The really good upside

Returns are hassle-free.  We’ve returned digital movies that didn’t work, no questions asked.  Amazon does also sell products from third parties, who may not be so professional, but most are.  Some people enjoy going into shops and not buying anything.  It’s an American past-time.  Well, if you are not one of ‘those’ types, and you actually loathe spending time in shops, come on to Please Order It and Order what you need online!  We’re open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, at

Plus what’s great, Please Order It is the testing grounds for Vector Informatics, a digital advertising agency and software development company.  So sometimes through the process of R&D Vector will get special freebies or huge discounts, free trials, free software, free movies, free books and many other things.

Please Order IT

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