Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Well, they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  That may be true – but checkout all this other stuff you can get COMPLETELY FREE – right here at

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FREE TRIALS – These are free things, but for a limited time.  Anyway – you don’t have to pay!

Here’s the great thing about the Kindle Unlimited Free trial.  You don’t need a kindle to access the kindle library.  So if you cancel before the 30 days, you’ll have an online kindle account, and access to thousands of free kindle titles – with nothing to buy, ever!  Kindle offers a free browser based reader, that can work from most devices.

It’s just the FREE Kindle Reading App – use it on any device!

Prime is not longer about just shipping.  Now with Prime, you can watch your favorite programs, read books free, listen to music, and much more.  If you cancel within the 30 days, or at any time chose not to auto-renew, you’ll never have to buy anything.  (HINT: Once the trial expires, you can always register for another trial with your spouse).

Checkout this Prime Music with FREE shipping (may incur charges).


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