Splitting Markets: A complete compilation of complex currency civilization

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Splitting Markets is a compilation of 3 works with added essays and commentary. It is an examination of the global financial system as a whole, with the practical goal of being able to create a functional profitable investment strategy or business model. Splitting Markets is your alternative to a college degree in finance (and a lot cheaper!). By understanding the financial system as a whole, one can understand better your specialty, whether you are in mortgage lending or Credit Default Swaps. Splitting Markets dissects the global financial system bit by bit; byte by byte. Markets have changed in the past 50 years but educational material has not. That leaves Wall St. traders to engage in on-site training at their firm, often not providing a comprehensive view of the realities of the entire market. We hope that Splitting Markets is a comprehensive work that fills that gap, and that it becomes one day required reading in courses of international finance, macroeconomics, and foreign trade.

Get Splitting Markets Today @ Amazon

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