The best coffee ever

If you love coffee, and you are tired of getting coffee at Starbucks, invest in a good machine and good coffee.  Here’s the best machine we’ve found for the price. And here is some great coffee: Grinder is optional: You’ll find huge savings over time, as well you can make coffee that’s better than inRead More

Benefits of kneeling chairs for office workers

From Chair Office UK: We had a kneeling chair delivered to the ChairOffice HQ a few months ago (as a new product sample), and we all had great fun testing it out and figuring out how it worked. However, once the novelty wore off (and the boss suggested we all get back to work) weRead More

Water and water filters – the advantages

From Phoxwater: Here are 21 benefits you can access with filtered water: Eliminate Tap Water Odour Do you ever turn on the kitchen tap in a bid to rehydrate yourself only to baulk at the odour emanating from the water? Tap water is treated with a range of chemicals and is exposed to heavy metals whichRead More

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