Oh, BABY! Baby Registry, products for baby – everything you need for your baby!

So, you’re having a baby?  In case they haven’t already, relatives will insist on a Baby Registry.  This is a great idea because everyone knows about registries and it’s a way for a group of people (mostly relatives, friends, your boss) to buy products for your baby that there is no overlap (two people don’t buy the same thing).  We live in a world of online commerce, Amazon free shipping, and other benefits – we’ve been through this – and we can tell you – Amazon Baby Registry is the best!  They give you discounts, free shipping on most items, it’s cheaper than in Babies R’ Us, and they provide a wonderful ‘thank you’ system that tracks all purchasers of gifts.  So go ahead – Register your Baby Registry with Amazon – it’s free!

Once your baby is born, Amazon will save time going to shop for many things – subscribe and save!  Checkout these Baby must haves:

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