• Pain and Cramping
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue and Difficulty Sleeping
  • Gas and Bloating
  • Food Intolerance
  • Anxiety and Depression

What we're about to show you isn't magic, isn't snake oil, and isn't a wonder drug.  It's ancient health secrets that have been lost and hidden over the years, by overregulation of synthetics by the FDA and other 'regulatory' agencies.  IBS is a serious issue that can cause your life to change.  In the most mild cases you can't eat the foods you want - in the most severe cases you can be suicidal or unable to leave your house.  You can lose your job, your family - your life.  We know because it happened to us.  We tried it all, prescriptions, diets, health gurus - nothing worked.  Finally, we discovered a combination of methods and over the counter products that stopped the pain immediately!  We've explained this in a short ebook we have authored.  Read on..

Testimonial 1 - Jane

Hi !!! I want to start with the fact that I have always been a sporty, energetic and very healthy young woman.  The last 2-3 years have become quite controversial for my husband and me. On the one hand, the most important and happiest event has happened in our life - the birth of the long-awaited baby and the move to the house of our dreams. On the other hand - emotionality, fatigue and stress appeared in our lives. After the birth of the baby, it turned out that we were left almost alone with our common sleepless nights (our little son), we did not find among our relatives a great desire to help us. Stress and fatigue and lack of time have become our faithful companions in life.

Three months ago, I was forced to consult a gastroenterologist because of frequent abdominal pain. I was sure that against the background of a lack of time and constant snacking (instead of good nutrition), I acquired gastritis or an ulcer. The pain was both in the upper abdomen and in the lower part. The pain was felt especially acutely after eating.
What was my surprise when, after several weeks of a complete examination and many tests, my gastroenterologist said that I was absolutely healthy and that my problem was IBS.
What is it?!!! I never heard of this at all - everything is in order, but sometimes there are such pains that I want to call an ambulance because it is so severe.

Further, with my husband, we began to research this topic and understood the following thing. IBS is a condition that can occur as a consequence of viruses, stress, and other life factors ... .. Treatment depends only on ourselves, the doctor can only give pain medication, probiotics or antidepressants. Not many are completely cured of this condition, since this is a huge work on oneself - a strict diet, activity, stress tolerance, rest. And this ailment can last for years, tens of years ...

But I want to tell you - in addition to the lifestyle described above, my husband and I found an amazingly effective remedy that removes symptoms and gives me the opportunity to enjoy life again and forget about the problems associated with IBS.  This is Magic stuff!

This is not advertising, it's just my advice to you - this is the only tool that really works (not only for me, but for thousands and thousands of other people), you can read reviews on Amazon. I want to post one of the reviews here, because this is the review of a therapist who also became a “victim” of IBS: Physician with IBS-D here. My experience with this product has been very good. The next day after taking it for the first time I had my first normal BM in many, many months. I've found Heather's Tummy Tamers to work well also but these seem to have a better enteric coating on them. If taken on an empty stomach and with not too much water, I get no minty reflux at all. The price is more than Heather's, but I'll pay more to avoid the reflux. For those wondering about it, the reflux is because peppermint oil is a smooth muscle relaxed. That's how it works in the gut - the gut wall is smooth muscle, and in IBS it is contracting too much or too forcefully or not in a patterned way. However, the gastroesophageal sphincter is also smooth muscle, and that is what prevents reflux. Relax it with peppermint and you get reflux. Enteric coatings work by not dissolving in an acidic environment - like your stomach. However, if you dilute your stomach acid with food or beverage while the peppermint capsule is in there, then the coating will dissolve and you will get the reflux. Hence, take your enteric coated peppermint, whether this product or heather's, 30 minutes to an hour before eating, using enough water be sure you got it down and no more.

The "number needed to treat" for peppermint oil for IBS is very low - around 2.5. That means for every 5 people treated with peppermint oil, 2 will experience benefit. That may sound like a not-so-good number, but actually in pharmacology that is a very good NNT. For comparison, the NNT for prescription antispasmodics like Bentyl and Levsin is in the 3-7 range, which is also quite good, but compare those numbers to something like Xifaxan which has an NNT of 11 and costs $ 900-1,800 per month and you begin to appreciate that peppermint oil is winner. And with a low cost and low side effect profile, it's almost impossible to beat from a cost / side effect / NNT combined perspective.

Give [this] a try. Try Heather's first if you don't have any problems with reflux as Heather's is much cheaper. IBS is multifactorial. If peppermint oil doesn't help you, then gut hypermotility or dismotility is not your problem and you will need to try something else - FODMAP diet, prebiotics, probiotics, and EXERCISE (that one is for everyone no matter what, of course) . If it helps a little, you will need something else in addition to it. And for some lucky folks, this is all you will need. ”

This product is sold freely in the pharmacy and online, without a doctor’s prescription.
I tried many tools and this is the only one that gave me the result in just a couple of hours. And now, over the course of a month, I completely forgot about pain and unstable bowel movement.

It has helped me and is helping thousands of other people. This is not a fact that will work for everyone, but you can try!   This supplement is based on peppermint, which softens the reaction of the gastrointestinal tract to food intake. I can confidently say that for me this is a real miracle!

We're offering you a one time deal on our ebook that includes life saving remedies.  We believe in them so much that we're trusting you to buy them from us - but many of what we recommend you can get it at your local Pharmacy.  We offer our members special savings and discounts ordering through our online shop.  So we're counting on your loyalty to shop with us as we offer even more healthy products such as superfoods, sports drinks, diet recommendations, and even healthy travel offers.  You can opt out anytime and there is no obligation to buy anything - ever!  Based on this we're giving away our eBook for only $1 - it normally sells for $89.  This is a ONE TIME offer.

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